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This inspection activity aims to ensure that suppliers comply with the order requirements in terms of delivery timing, quality of the product and quantity supplied through the expediting action.


AE inspection is a powerful aid to materials testing and the study of deformation and fracture. It gives an immediate indication of the response and behaviour of a material under stress, intimately connected with strength, damage, and failure.


Italsabi has qualified Welding Inspector IWI lincesed by TWI with the latest CSWIP 3.1 certification, Coating inspector NACE and FROSIO certificated, CWB and AWS certified welding inspectors.

ET - Eddy Current

Eddy Current Inspection (ET) is based on the principles of electromagnetic induction and is used to identify or differentiate among a wide variety of physical, structural, and metallurgical conditions in electrically conductive ferromagnetic and nonferromagnetic metals and metal parts.

FLOORMAP - Magnetic flux leakage

Tank bottom inspection using the Magnetic-Flux Leakage technology (MFL) and Surface Topology Air-gap Reluctance Sensors (STARS).

HT - Hardness testing

This test methodology is typically applied to industrial components intended for use in industry, with a view to using this parameter related to the metallurgical structure of the component and indicative of its intrinsic properties.


The Iris inspection is an ultrasonic control used on ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic pipes and uses an ultrasonic immersion transducer


The service reviews and processes periodic external inspections, overhaul or shutdown internal inspections, emergency shutdown inspection of the industrial plant. Italsabi plant inspectors have over 10 years' experience and are ISO9712 VT-UT-MT-PT-RT qualified.

MRT - Magnetic Rope Test

MRT Testing Guidelines: Cranes, Wire ropes, Care and maintenance, inspection and discard ISO 4309:2017 establishes general principles for the care and maintenance, and inspection and discard of steel wire ropes used on cranes and hoists.

MT - Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection is a method of locating surface and subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

LRGW- Long range guided wave

Innovative inspection technique for GUIDED WAVE pipes on 100% of the pipe


The FORCE Technology P-SCAN system supplied to Italsabi is an equipment used for mechanized inspections and presentation of data in graphic form. It can be used both during the construction of a vessel and during its control in service.

PEC - Pulsed eddy current

CND performed by Lyft by Eddyfi for the control with Induced Pulsed Currents (PEC) for the measurement of the wall thickness without direct contact of the probe / control surface (LIFT-OFF presence)


Phased Array is a type of Ultrasonic Inspection that can be used as an alternative to Radiographic Controls and is one of the most characteristic in Ultrasonic Controls on welds. The Tofd technique is now widely used in the control of welds and has now been universally recognized as the technique that allows to obtain the highest POD (probability of detection) of discontinuities.

PMI - Positive material identification

Italsabi has numerous X-ray fluorescence analyzers of the Niton Thermo Scientific XL2 type. Resistant to dust and moisture The XL2 is a rugged and handy analyzer designed for even the harshest environments.

PT - Liquid Penetrant Inspection

The Liquid Penetrant (PT) method is a Surface Control that allows you to detect only surface discontinuities, i.e. with an orifice open to the surface.

RT - Bunker

Radiographic bunker at the Almisano di Lonigo (Vicenza) office

RT - Industrial Computed Radiographical Inspection

Radiology us the general term given to material inspection methods that are based on the differential absorption of penetrating radiation-either electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength or particulate radiation – by the part or testpiece (object) being inspected.


Italsabi is an RPAS operator recognized by ENAC, aut. N ° 45833-25782 for the use of RPAS also in specialized operations critical scenarios S02 / S04 / S06 All our APR pilots are qualified by ENAC and supported by ISO 9712 level II qualified observers for Visual and Thermographic Control

IR - Infrared Thermography

All objects emit, absorb, transmit and reflect in the infrared band


Italsabi is able to perform all types of heat treatments on welds and pipes (localized) in the workshop and on site, both in pre-heating and in post-heating

UT - Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic inspection (UT) is one of the most widely used methods of nondestructive inspection. Its primary application in the inspection of metals in the detection and characterization of internal flaws; it is also used to detect surface flaws, to define bond characteristics, to measure the thickness and extent of corrosion.

UTS - Ultrasonic Thickness measurement

The measurement of the residual thicknesses of components such as pressure vessels or tanks subject to service degradation is part of the integrity checks of pressure equipment, which are traditionally carried out by combining the results of a visual examination integrated precisely by thickness-type ultrasonic measurements .

BRICK - Tank shell thickness inspection

Italsabi s.r.l. is equipped with the Brick system by Img ultrasounds, for the control of the shells of atmospheric tanks

VT - Endoscopic control

Italsabi uses GE's XL Vu VideoProbe ™ system for videoendoscopic control. It is a versatile video borescope that combines portability, durability with high quality imaging technology and measurements to help make smart decisions quickly. Designed for general inspection applications, XL Vu offers higher resolution than conventional fiberscopes. Winner of US Air Force multi-year contract to provide video borescope to global propulsion support operations.