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This inspection activity aims to ensure that suppliers comply with the order requirements in terms of delivery timing, quality of the product and quantity supplied through the expediting action.


AE inspection is a powerful aid to materials testing and the study of deformation and fracture. It gives an immediate indication of the response and behaviour of a material under stress, intimately connected with strength, damage, and failure.


Italsabi has qualified Welding Inspector IWI lincesed by TWI with the latest CSWIP 3.1 certification, Coating inspector NACE and FROSIO certificated, CWB and AWS certified welding inspectors.

ET - Correnti indotte

L’esame con correnti indotte ed RFT (Remote field Testing) permettono un’analisi qualitativa/quantitativa che consente la valutazione dello stato di conservazione dei tubi in esame


Ispezione dei fondi dei serbatoi atmosferici con metodologia MFL & Topology Air-gap Reluctance System (STARS) Floor-map

HT - Hardness Testing

This test methodology generally applies to industrial components intended for use in industry, with the prospect of using this parameter that can be related to the metallurgical structure of the component and indicative of its intrinsic properties


The Iris inspection is an ultrasonic control used on ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic pipes and uses an ultrasonic immersion transducer


The service reviews and processes periodic external inspections, overhaul or shutdown internal inspections, emergency shutdown inspection of the industrial plant. Italsabi plant inspectors have over 10 years' experience and are ISO9712 VT-UT-MT-PT-RT qualified.

MRT - Magneto inductive test for wire rope

MRT Testing Guidelines: Cranes, Wire ropes, Care and maintenance, inspection and discard ISO 4309:2017 establishes general principles for the care and maintenance, and inspection and discard of steel wire ropes used on cranes and hoists.

MT - Magnetoscopia

Il metodo magnetoscopico è un controllo di superficie applicabile a materiali ferromagnetici che consente di rivelare soltanto le discontinuità superficiali

LRWG - Long range guided wave

Long Range Guided Wave Inspections


The P-scan system is a computerised ultrasonic system, for automatic, mechanical or manual ultrasonic examination of welds and materials.

PEC - Pulsed eddy current

Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection can be used in any number of applications, such as corrosion under insulation (CUI), corrosion blistering and scabs, flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC), corrosion under fireproofing (CUF), in the splash zone and underwater, surface corrosion, corrosion under coatings, and waterworks


Phased array è una tecnica avanzata ad ultrasuoni utilizzata per il rilevamento difetti, il loro dimensionamento e la creazione immagini/mappe.
Il TOFD (Time of Flyght Diffraction) è una tecnica che utilizza un'onda longitudinale a fascio largo.

PMI - Positive material identification

Italsabi is equipped with Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL2 Analyzer that provides immediate, nondestructive elemental analysis of alloy materials from titanium to nickel as well as tramp and trace element analysis.

PT - Liquid penetrant

Liquid penetrant is a nondestructive method of revealing discontinuities that are open to the surfaces of solid and essentially nonporous materials.

RT - Bunker

Bunker radiografico presso la sede di Almisano di Lonigo (Vicenza)


Radiology us the general term given to material inspection methods that are based on the differential absorption of penetrating radiation-either electromagnetic radiation of very short wavelength or particulate radiation – by the part or testpiece (object) being inspected.

UAV - Aerial survey and inspection

The first Italian company for aerial oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energy inspection and survey

IRT - Thermography

Thermography is a nondestructive testing (NDT) technique based on the principle that two dissimilar materials, i.e., possessing different thermophysical properties, would produce two distinctive thermal signatures that can be revealed by an infrared sensor, such as a thermal camera.


Italsabi è in grado di eseguire tutti i tipi di trattamenti termici su saldature e tubazioni (localizzati) in officina ed in cantiere, sia in pre-riscaldo che in post-riscaldo

UT - Ultrasonic Inspection

Ultrasonic inspection is one of the most widely used methods of nondestructive inspection. Its primary application in the inspection of metals in the detection and characterization of internal flaws; it is also used to detect surface flaws, to define bond characteristics, to measure the thickness and extent of corrosion.

VT - Video boreoscope

Italsabi uses GE's XL Vu VideoProbe ™ system for video-endoscopic control.