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GEstione della qualità


ISO17025accredited laboratory

Italsabi srl is a test laboratory accredited by ACCREDIA according to the ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 standard as a test laboratory in the non-destructive testing sector. 

The test laboratory works in the field of non-destructive tests on welds, pipes, forged and rolled metal materials and in particular with the techniques listed below in accordance with UNI, EN, ISO, ASME standards:

Visual check VT

Control with PT penetrant liquids

MT magnetic inspection control

UT Ultrasound Control Ultrasonic control with phased array technique

Ultrasonic control with TOFD technique

Radiographic Control RT

The Itasabi laboratory is a multisite with headquarters in SANDRIGO (VI) Strada delle Buse, 7 and secondary operational headquarters located in Due Carrare (PD) Via dell’Artigianato, 22 / D.

To improve and enhance our services, we are committed to ensuring the highest quality in the provision of the same.

Objectives achievable through the qualification and continuous training of personnel, use of efficient and latest generation tools and the continuous control and improvement of company processes.

For more information visit our dedicated page or write to: 

Certificate ISO 9001: 2015 ITAQuality Management System

Italsabi Quality Management System: 

Rationalize personnel management with the aim of achieving the right balance between the operational needs of the company and the professional growth of the employees. 

Pursue of customer satisfaction through check tools that that make possible to monitor the quality standards. 

Constantly monitor data relating to materials of use and control tools to ensure the efficency of the service 

Rationalize internal information system 

Scope of certification: Provision of services in the field of the Non Destructive Tests and Heat Treatments. EA 34