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since 1973

Italsabi is a service company specialized in the execution of Non-Destructive Tests, heat treatments and industrial plant inspection. Established in 1973, it operates nationally and internationally with a widespread presence in the major chemical and petrochemical industrial centres. The company know-how achieved derives from experience gained in over 45 years of activity, a long period during which Italsabi has found its role on the NDT market. Italsabi operates according to its own Quality System, certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. Italsabi’s crew is made of qualified technicians according to ISO9712 and SNT-TC-1A in UT-VT-MT-PT-RT-PHASED ARRAY-TOFD methods. Italsabi has an internal written practice for the training and the qualification of its personnel according to the SNT-TC-1A ed. 2006 and 2011. Italsabi third level technicians provide the necessary support to our customers during the phases of ASME joint review.




Higher flexibility in the Inspection executions, always oriented to the client needs and timing

 9 different location in Italy

9 different location in Italy

Capillarity in the territory, from North to South,  that means reducing the distance from the customer and logisitcs cost 

 80 qualified technicians

80 qualified technicians

80 qualified technicians level 2 ISO9712 / SNT-TC-1A which allows Italsabi to deal with large activities such as plant shutdown 



Supplying quality services from the biggest petrochemical plant to the smallest foundry



Always the latest equipment and tools technologies for our technicians

 Training center

Training center

Constant training of personnel in the security field and in the various control methods

Our story

  • 2023

    Certified laboratory ISO/IEC 17025 for non destructive test

    talsabi srl has reached the important accreditation milestone according to the ISO 17025:2018 standard as a test laboratory in the non-destructive testing sector.
  • 2022 - 2023

    NDT & Heat Treatment on EP Produzione Power Plant in Tavazzano and Turbigo, Italy

  • 2019 /2020


  • 2019

    New Operating Site at CIMOLAI Group in Pordenone, Italy

  • 2018

    New x-Ray bunker

    Operating x-Ray inspection on X-ray bunker 

  • 2018

    New operating site in Sestri Ponente, Genova

  • 2017

    VT and IRT Inspection with Drones

    The first Italian company for aerial oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable energy inspection and survey

  • 2015

    ISO 2015 Implementation

  • 2013

    New Floor Map Inspection

    Tank bottom inspection using the Magnetic-Flux Leakage technology (MFL) and Surface Topology Air-gap Reluctance Sensors (STARS).

  • 2013

    New operating site in Marghera, Venice & Monfalcone

  • 2012

    Contracts reacquisition for NDT inspections

    Contracts reacquisition for NDT inspections on Esso's refinery in Augusta, Sicily 

  • 2012

    Anna Bidese joined the company

    Anna Bidese is the new executive chief of Purchasing and HR department.

  • 2012

    New opening of the Padova Headquarter

    New opening in Due Carrare, Padova 

  • 2007

    Contracts reacquisition for NDT inspections

    Contracts reacquisition for NDT inspections during the maintenance of the Polimeri Europa plant in Porto Torres (SS)

  • 2003

    Giulio Bidese joined the company

    Giulio Bidese became the new CEO 

  • 2002

    First Global Inspection Service for API Refinery in Falconara Marittima in collaboration with DONEGANI S.r.l. 

  • 2000

    Italsabi brings innovation with Force Technology

    Computed Radiography - we are the first Italian company to operate Computed Industrial Radiography on CUI evaluation (Corrosion under insulation). 



  • 1995

    New NDT Inspection Contracts

    Acquisition of new contracts for NDT inspections during the maintenance of the Enichem plants in Augusta (SR), Porto Torres (SS), Sarroch (CA), Esso Di Augusta (SR) and Sarpom di Trecate (NO) refineries

  • 1994


    With an integrated services for the industry in mind, Italsabi acquires the Donegani Institute from Enichem SPA

  • 1990

    Italsabi open a new Sicilian Headquarter

    Italsabi open the new Sicilian Headquarter in Priolo Gargallo, Sicily. 

  • 1989-1994

    NDT inspection on Big Italian Compression plant

    NDT inspections on the construction of the compression plant of CORTEMAGGIORE (PC), MINERBIO (BO), MAZZARA DEL VALLO (TP)

  • 1989

    Antea Founding

    Italsabi founded Antea, a software company that develops plant management and maintenance software

  • 1988-1993

    NDT on Offshore rig

    NDT inspections on offshore rig construction of VEGA Jacket, GIOVANNA Jacket, TIFFANI Jacket, AGOSTINO Jacket, GARIBALDI Jacket

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  • 1984

    ISO 900 certification

    Quality Management System 

  • 1983-1986

    Iraq NDT inspections

    NDT inspections during the Iraq's refinery construction, Bagdad Iraq, Tank Farm Zubair Iraq, Lab complex Plant Baiji Iraq

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  • 1973

    GIuseppe Bidese founded Italsabi on October 10th, 1973

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    Giuseppe Bidese