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Floor Map

Floor Map


Tank bottom inspection using the Magnetic-Flux Leakage technology (MFL) and Surface Topology Air-gap Reluctance Sensors (STARS).

Featuring top and bottom plate corrosion views and capable of going as fast as 1 m/s (3.2 ft/s), Floormap improves the complete tank inspection process.

Italsabi s.r.l. is equipped with Floor-map 3di-R and Mini manual scan Hand-scan, produced by Silverwing UK. You can analyze the maps after each scan or perform post inspection in the dedicated SIMS reporting software, enabling tank engineers to compare and review historical data sets to determine optimal repair strategies.


  • 98% max inspection and mapping of the tank bottom inspected
  • Ability to discriminate surface indications (Top side) from indications on the ground (Bottom side)
  • Speed ​​of execution


  • The control requires a high level of cleaning of the bottom to be performed (sandblasting or hydrodynamic cleaning)
  • In the presence of superheat tubes the inspection time increases
  • The areas below the superheat tubes cannot be mapped.