Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Polcevera ndt infrastructure

In the reconstruction of the Viaduct on the Polcevera stream, sadly famous for the partial collapse of the bridge on 14 August 2018, Italsabi is the Non-Destructive Testing company in charge of both the tests in the workshop during the construction phase of the bridge first, and in coordinating the welding activities on site  during the second phase.

We worked with 12 qualified operators according to the ISO9712 standard in the MT, VT and UTD methods during construction according European Standard EN1090-2 and a team of nr. 14 CSWIP 3.1 qualified Welding Inspectors, integrated in three shifts at the Ponente and Levante construction sites at the Polcevera.

The coordination activity initially involved the ground welding of the segments and in the second phase all the workings at height.

The viaduct of the A10 motorway will be a fundamental node for road connections and transport in Genoa, Liguria and the Italian territory.

The new bridge consists of a steel deck, with a continuous girder of a total length of 1067 meters covered by 19 spans divided as follows:

14 steel-concrete spans of 50 meters

3 100-meter steel-concrete spans

1 40.9-meter steel-concrete span

1 26.27-meter steel-concrete span

The bridge will be supported by 18 elliptical section reinforced concrete stacks with a constant shape.

The external dimensions of the pile (9.50 x 4.00 meters) are the same both for the spans of 50 and 100 meters, to ensure the perspective uniformity of the work and the speed of realization thanks to the use of a single type of external formwork.

The works continue with reduced forces, even during the ongoing health-epidemic emergency linked to COVID-19.

Italsabi, together with the manufacturer and all the forces in the field, has completed a project that has required the commitment shared by all our operators who have worked at a fast pace, without ever breaking down from the thousand difficulties of such an ambitious project.

A common effort, an act due and done with pride, by tariff so that the victims of the tragedy have not sacrificed all that matters most, that is their own life, in vain. To know more: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponte_per_Genova