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Thursday, 04 February 2021
Radiographic control on aqueduct pipes with immediate result of the plates on site

Italsabi industrial radiographic inspection team carried out the X ray Testing on behalf of Acque Bresciane on the welds of waterline connection pipes that connects Monte Isola to the Sulzano aqueduct.

The client requested the immediate result of the radiographic control during the launching phase of the pipes, later laid down on the lake ground, through a complex installation system that involved ILMA srl, an Italian offshore, maritime, coastal and engineering company.

The 6 ", 8.74 thickness pipes were laid at a depth of 100 meters for a section of 1 km.

The first part of construction and welding of the joints that involved us with the radiographic and visual inspection of the prefabrication has been operated at the Ex Montecolino area.

For the joints inspection on the second phase of installation, we have set up a “mobile” darkroom in order to provide to the client an immediate result following the reading of the films developed after each x-ray test on joints.

A teamwork where the final success of the operation was not taken for granted, but it was also the effort and commitment of all the people involved, from our operators to the construction site representatives who planned the operations with the HSE manager and qualified radiation protection managers who, with sacrifice, professionalism, dedication and passion for their work have made it possible!

Since 1973 we have been operating in the quality control fieldr with qualified personnel equipped with advanced technological instruments.

Operating in any situation and on the basis of the most diverse specifications since 1973, Italsabi has always been able to find adequate answers to important client’s QCA and QAV department.